Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caution: No Dental Content Here Today

Due to a flurry of both business and pleasure travel, The Maven has been shirking her blogging responsibilities. The business travel involved Orlando and Boston, (Candy-I was stuck in meetings all day or else I’d have insisted we meet for drinks). The pleasure travel was, believe it or not, in Detroit. The Mavens' son and his Mite A hockey team qualified for the Silver Sticks International Finals. In case you don’t follow hockey, Silver Sticks is the Mite A (ages 7-8) equivalent of the Stanley Cup. In fact, the winners get their team name in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada. It’s a BIG DEAL.

The Maven missed the first game cuz she was enroute from Orlando at that time. She won’t bore you with the ugly details about how The Maven narrowly missed her connecting flight in the Philly airport where she ran a mile in 3 inch heels toting a carry-on bag whose shoulder strap broke during said sprint, all while sporting a big winter coat which caused very unladylike schvitzing.


Upon arrival to Detroit, The Maven received a text from her husband saying the team had tied the first game. This meant if we lost either of the next two games, we’d be heading home early. The Maven arrived with plenty of time for the next game and greeted her son who she’d not seen in 3 days. After hugs and kisses The Mavens son stood back and said, “Mom, your hair is jacked up.” (Nice.)

After some major league cheering and hand-bruising-glass-banging our team won the game, decisively. They went on to win the next game on Saturday morning which put them in the quarter finals. Long story short, we made it to the finals….against a Canadian team, the Nationals from London, Ontario.

The game was a nail biter and was tied up with 2 apiece in the final minute of the 3rd period. All us hockey mom’s were hunkering down for overtime when, suddenly, with 3 seconds left to play, the Nationals scored. Ugggghhh. What a heartbreaker. Our little guys were crushed.

The awards ceremony presented our team with an enormous trophy. But, you could have told these kids that second place winners were each entitled to a lifetime of unlimited video games, had no school for the next month and a million dollars each and they still would have looked defeated. So disappointing.

The Canadian parents, however, couldn’t have been nicer. They came over and said our team represented the best competition their team faced in the tournament. In a conversation heavily sprinkled with “eh’s” they admitted the game could have gone either way. Those Canadians were a class act.

The name Joe Beninati is a name you’ll likely recognize if you follow hockey. He’s a frequent announcer for the NHL games and the Stanley Cup Finals. Here’s what he and Craig Laughlin (Locker) had to say about our Montgomery Mite A Blue Devils:

(the coverage on the Mite A’s begins at around 18 seconds)


  1. Two thumbs decidedly up to your young lad and his gutsy team! Yeah, not going all the way is disappointing, to be sure; but that was exceptionally impressive, to put it mildly.

    They have nothing to be ashamed of; they are the pride of their league and all 7-8 year olds, far as I'm concerned ;)

  2. Oh, man, poor little guys. But what an event!

  3. wel, congratulations to mini maven
    a most impressive feat

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  5. I am SO lucky. My kids are GEEKS. No competitive sports, because they hate sitting on sidelines.

    And the debate circuit frowns on cheerleading moms. Go figure.

  6. THAT was soooo cool.

    Congrats to little Mave. And oh. My. God. I wish drinks could have been had.

    The stories...good times.

  7. Well played, eh.

    And that was authentic Canadianese from a real live Canadian.


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