Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Don't See "Retailers" In The Top Ten Hated Professions...

One of The Maves Facebook friends recently posted this comment:

 “I think that the experience of working as a server in a restaurant and as a retail worker over the holidays should be required of all Americans at some point in their lives. The earlier the better.” 

This gave The Maven pause to consider the many less than enchanting interactions She’s had over the years as a dentist.  If retailers believe they have exclusivity on the pointed-end-of-the-curare-laced-arrow they’re dreaming in Hi-Def.


Yes, shoppers can be an irascible bunch, but remember, they’re usually in the store to purchase something they want. There’s a big difference between buying something you desire and laying down cold cash for something you didn’t expect to need, don’t really want and are fearful that “pain” might accompany its acquisition. 


Telling people things they don’t want to hear can bring out the worst in their behavioral repertoire - and one could argue that the dentist is the king of crappy tidings. The Maven once had to call the police to have a patient removed from Her office.  OH. HELL. YEAH.  It ain’t all sunshine and roses on the dentist’s side of the drill, pal.


So, to all the retail workers out there who fear telling a client something is out of stock, not in the desired color, on back order, discontinued or just plain expensive, try telling that same person you have to pull their tooth out or that they need a root canal…and they’ll be needing pot-holders to handle their wallet when it’s over.


  1. So true. Everyone thinks they're in the worst possible spot. But I give you the win on this one.

  2. Hello! Dentist in the making here!
    You're not very encouraging :D Hahaaha.
    I like drills though.


    I felt like you were speaking directly to me...
    Love it Mave!

  4. My experience in retail was very early in my working career; I assure you that I don't miss it. However, it does shape my conduct with current retailers.

  5. So "The Grass ain't Greener", huh ?

  6. I sympathize with dentists. Really, I do. But I had the worst experience of my dental life with an endodontist last week and I'm still not over it. Wish I lived near YOU, dear Maven.

  7. There's something very scary about the pointing woman in the pic. A generation or two ago she'd goa round telling people to invade Poland...

  8. Your statement is so true. I was a dental assistant before working in a lab. People will look forward to spending big bucks on that plasma screen TV, but you can't watch football on a crown. Have you found approaches that make it easier for your patients to accept treatment? If so tell us.

  9. I agree, retail is no big deal, yet folks praise by ignoring, dentistry is not like 100 years ago, so people need to get a grip especially even 30-40 years ago people were just being introduced to pain killers and better care.

    People hate lawyers and dentists until needed.


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