Tooth Fairy Traditions

THE TOOTH FAIRY is one of many childhood fantasy figures we remember fondly. We lost our baby teeth, stuck them under our pillow, and the mysterious tooth fairy would swap our teeth out for money! What could be better?

The tooth fairy isn’t quite the same for everyone though! The legend of the tooth fairy has changed over the years and even varies widely around the world. Let’s learn a little bit more about other tooth fairy traditions! Continue reading “Tooth Fairy Traditions”

WSJ: Rainforest Toothache Remedy

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, scientists are said to have discovered a new plant that can treat toothaches. An anthropologist studying in the Peruvian rainforest developed a toothache and was given the now popular plant to chew on. The Peruvians she was with noticed her ailment and gave her what is said to be a centuries-old indigenous Peruvian tribe remedy for toothaches, ulcers and abscesses. Continue reading “WSJ: Rainforest Toothache Remedy”

Dentists Can Diagnose Cancer

As you know, many people avoid going to the dentist if they possibly can: after all, the dentists can be painful; or at the very least uncomfortable and there’s usually a cost involved so it’s little wonder that many people don’t exactly relish the thought of going. In the same vein though, those people will rush to their GP at the first sign of any health concern – with good reason. As we all know, with the vast majority of serious or severe health concerns or illnesses, early diagnosis and treatment is key to increased survival rates and positive prognosis. This is especially true when it comes to cancer, so it might come as a surprise to you to realise that regular check-ups with your dentist could be a key factor in diagnosing and treating Oral Cancer. Continue reading “Dentists Can Diagnose Cancer”

Bottled Water Contributing to Pediatric Tooth Decay?

A more recent look into what has been causing the rise in tooth decay in children has suspected bottled water to be the cause. It appears that “Bottled water may not have a sufficient amount of fluoride, which is important for preventing tooth decay and promoting oral health” according to a statement made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Just when parents thought that they were aiding in the prevention of tooth decay by leaning their children towards drinks that were free of sugar it appears a shock to most. Bottled water is everywhere and it has always seemed the healthiest choice in terms of choosing it over water out of the tap. In fact, a study by the Archives of Pediatrics found that about 45 percent of parents give their kids bottled water all of the time, completely avoiding tap water altogether. Another study, this time in the journal Pediatric Dentistry, found that 70 percent of parents gave bottled water alone or with tap water. Continue reading “Bottled Water Contributing to Pediatric Tooth Decay?”

Facelift Dentures – Facelift without Surgery

A newer treatment has surfaced that has garnered some attention from dental patients and cosmetic dentists across the U.S. A new take on traditional dentures, “facelift dentures,” are a denture that employs neuromuscular dentistry sciences to prevent the sagging facial appearance that occurs with tooth loss and that traditional dentures cannot combat. Facelift dentures are custom fit to the jaws of the patient and allow them to eat and chew naturally in a position that they may not have been accustomed to with ordinary dentures. Continue reading “Facelift Dentures – Facelift without Surgery”

4 US Presidents with Dental Problems

The month of February is a time that our country uses to honor and celebrate the past leaders of our nation. Through this annual event that we have been commemorating as far back as we can remember, we have learned a great deal about our past Presidents. As to not bore you with those well-known facts that we all know so well, this piece will include some lesser known things about some of our forefathers.

Some of our nation’s best known Presidents had some of the worst dental health issues and dental problems. Continue reading “4 US Presidents with Dental Problems”

Yet Another Explanation for British Teeth

A swanky restaurant in London, England, recently had their customers signing waivers to eat dessert. The restaurant High Timber boasts on its website that its located 100 yards from the Millennium Bridge, a brief walk from St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Stock exchange, and the only restaurant in city of London with tables on the banks of the Thames. It further claims to have the best views of any restaurant in the UK.

Continue reading “Yet Another Explanation for British Teeth”

The REAL Reason Smokers Don’t Get Dental Treatment

This just out from the CDC “Fewer smokers go to the dentist”

Uh…Really?  The Maven sure hopes the CDC didn’t spend a lotta cash money on that research, cuz any garden variety dentist coulda told you that.

According to Fox News:  “More than a third of smokers reported having three or more dental problems, … more than twice as much as people who never smoked.”

Further:  “20 percent of the smokers said they had not been to a dentist in at least five years.” Continue reading “The REAL Reason Smokers Don’t Get Dental Treatment”

I’m Not Drunk, But I Have Been Brushing My Teeth

In 2010, Massachusetts State Senator Anthony Galluccio resigned his senate seat after several run-ins with the law concerning a number of alcohol-related incidents. The senator recently tried to blame the combination of toothpastes he was using for failing a breathalyzer test.

Last October, following a number of DUI incidents, Galluccio was apprehended after fleeing the scene of a fender-bender which left a father and son injured. A judge ordered the Senator to surrender his driver’s license for 5 years as well as submit to random breath tests during his probationary period. Breath equipment was installed in his residence and he was sentenced to home confinement. Only three days after his sentencing, Galluccio failed the breathalyzer test. In a statement, the Senator said, “After discussing it with a physician, we have determined that it is the result of my using two toothpastes – Colgate Total Whitening and Sensodyne toothpaste, both of which contain sorbitol.” Continue reading “I’m Not Drunk, But I Have Been Brushing My Teeth”