Facelift Dentures – Facelift without Surgery

A newer treatment has surfaced that has garnered some attention from dental patients and cosmetic dentists across the U.S. A new take on traditional dentures, “facelift dentures,” are a denture that employs neuromuscular dentistry sciences to prevent the sagging facial appearance that occurs with tooth loss and that traditional dentures cannot combat. Facelift dentures are custom fit to the jaws of the patient and allow them to eat and chew naturally in a position that they may not have been accustomed to with ordinary dentures.

With facelift dentures, the jaw remains in a relaxed position and allows the patient the greatest possible facial support. These dentures are said to provide a more stable fit and provide better appearance benefits than traditional dentures while preventing the sagging facial appearance that is often associated with false teeth.

What Causes the Face to “Sag?”

Unknown to most patients are the consequences of tooth loss which include resorption of jaw muscles where the teeth once were. Jaw bones begin to deteriorate almost immediately after teeth are lost because the tooth roots that were stimulated by frequent chewing and speaking no longer get the stimulation they require to maintain the bone tissue. The result is jaw bones that resorb and the aged look that comes with it. Traditional dentures do nothing to combat jaw bone resorption and many denture wearers still suffer from a sunken facial appearance although they wear replacement teeth.

The Science of Facelift Dentures

There are only a handful of dentists who are trained in the facelift denture technique. They are able to fabricate dentures that work to achieve and maintain optimum muscle relaxation and function while allowing the facelift denture to stimulate the jaw bone. The result is a younger, more youthful looking patient who looks like they have had a facelift but benefits because the procedure does not require surgery.