How Do You Choose The Best Toothpaste?

Dentists are always emphasizing the need to brush one’s teeth. But with the myriad of toothpaste products that are found in the market, if the effectiveness of brushing influenced by the kind of toothpaste one makes use of? This is probably an issue that dentists need to clarify. Aside from picking the brand which is the most popular or which is most readily available, what are the other factors to consider when buying toothpaste?

First off, the American Dental Association advocates for the use of toothpaste as the substance is noted to be effective in getting rid of plaque and preventing its accumulation. By fulfilling these two roles, toothpaste can prevent the buildup of bacteria and fight off gum disease. Those products which contain fluoride are even more effective in strengthening the enamel and warding off tooth decay.

The compositions of different products out in the market differ according to their brand. The active ingredients also determine the added benefits claimed by a specific product. One issue with regard to the active ingredients found in toothpaste is its use of flavoring agents. Because we all know that sugars and starches influence the growth of bacteria in the mouth, should patients stay away from flavored toothpastes? Regarding this matter, there is nothing for patients to worry about because the flavoring agents added does not promote tooth decay.

The first thing that one has to think about when choosing toothpastes is whether such product is safe or not. The Food and Drug Authority is in charge of filtering out products that are harmful for consumption. At the same time, toothpastes which publish certain claims like ‘prevention of gum diseases’ will also be investigated by the FDA to see if their claims are indeed substantiated. On the packaging consumers will find the list of the active ingredients, warnings and other necessary pieces of information.

The FDA only evaluated products which contain fluoride since those which do not are considered as cosmetic. Consumers should be aware of the fact that not all toothpastes contain fluoride. At the same time, counterfeit products are rampant and pose potential health dangers. In order to prevent buying these products, it is necessary to clearly look at the ingredient information printed on the packaging. Products which are not labeled properly are of questionable nature and buyers are advised against buying these items. To make things easier, buyers can simply look for the ADA seal of approval on the toothpaste packaging.