The REAL Reason Smokers Don’t Get Dental Treatment

This just out from the CDC “Fewer smokers go to the dentist”

Uh…Really?  The Maven sure hopes the CDC didn’t spend a lotta cash money on that research, cuz any garden variety dentist coulda told you that.

According to Fox News:  “More than a third of smokers reported having three or more dental problems, … more than twice as much as people who never smoked.”

Further:  “20 percent of the smokers said they had not been to a dentist in at least five years.”

And here’s the real kicker:

Half of the smokers said they could not afford to see a dentist, a much higher proportion than non-smoking adults who didn’t go.”

Oh my dear…tsk, tsk, tsk…The Mave is s o  w e a r y of that over-used, worn-out, threadbare, dog-eared excuse.

Here’s the numbers:

Average number of cigs smoked daily for typical smoker:  30

Average price of a Pack of Cigs:  $6.29  (if you’re that unlucky puffer in NY, your average is $11.90)

Since one pack (20 cigs) is easier to calculate, let’s use that as our average daily inhalation:

Weekly expenditure:  $44.03

Monthly expenditure:  $176.12

Annual expenditure:  $2113.44

And, drum roll please…

National average cost of dental cleaning and exam:  $160

Hmmmmm…lookey there, that’s less than the average monthly for Cigs.

So,  if you’re a member of the nearly 20% of the US who smokes…could you please start answering the question of why you haven’t seen a dentist since Carter was President or why you only see a dentist when you have a problem in an honest way?  Try one of these:  “I don’t care about my teeth” or “It’s not a priority for me” or “I generally don’t take very good care of myself anyway.”

But, please.  Stop the Bull S#&+.   

And BTW?  You needn’t worry about “confessing” to the dentist that you’re a smoker.   We know.