Top Reasons Why Dental Crowns Fall Off

Dental crowns can sometimes fall off after they have been in your mouth for a number of years.  There are many reasons why this may happen, including the following.

The Tooth Developed Decay

Although crowns themselves cannot develop decay, the tooth below the crown can.  The most commonplace for the decay to develop is near the gumline where the tooth and the crown meet.  Depending on the extent of the decay the dentist may or may not be able to salvage the crown.  The decay will need to be removed from the tooth and a filling will then need to be placed.  If possible, the crown can be placed back on the tooth.  Alternatively, a new crown may need to be made.

You Ate Too Many Sticky Foods

Eating sticky foods with crowns on your teeth is not the best idea.  Foods such as chewy toffees can gradually loosen the crown until it falls off.  If this happens it is usually quite easy to stick the crown back on with cement.

Loose Dental Crown

The Cement Holding The Crown On Has Lost Its Strength

Crowns are made of very strong materials to withstand years of biting and eating pressures.  Even though they are extremely strong, the cement below the crown can weaken over time causing the crown to fall off.  The crown can usually be easily cemented back in.

There Aren’t many teeth Left Below The Crown

Sometimes the tooth below the crown is very worn down and doesn’t leave much of the tooth left for the crown to grip on to.  If there isn’t much tooth structure left, the crown may have a tendency to fall off.  This is most common in back teeth.

You Don’t Take Care Of Your Crown

Dental crowns can become loose if you put a large amount of stress on them.  Habits, such as grinding and using your crowns to open bottles or packets, can weaken the cement and cause the crown to come off.  Wearing a nightguard if you grind your teeth and avoiding using your teeth as tools can extend the lifespan of your crown.


Teeth which have been crowned need to be taken care of just like your natural teeth.  Daily brushing and flossing can keep the teeth and gums around the crown healthy and should make the crown last longer.  Regular check-ups with your dentist can help identify any problems with the crown or the tooth below.  Avoiding sticky foods and grinding your teeth can help your crown last for many years.  However, if your crown does fall off, don’t throw it out!  Take it to your dentist to have it cemented back on.