9 Easy Ways To Chip Your Teeth

Chipped teeth are unsightly and sometimes seem to happen for no reason. But there are a number of things which can cause them which you may be doing without realizing it. By knowing some of the most common things which cause chipped teeth, you can avoid them in the future.

Bad Habits Can Cause You To Chip Teeth

Chewing on a pen or biting your nails can lead to chipped front teeth.  Work-related habits, such as a seamstress holding pins with her teeth, can wear down and chip the teeth.

Not Wearing A Mouthguard When Playing Sport

Teeth can easily be chipped when playing contact sports.  A mouthguard needs to be worn during competitive matches as well as during practice sessions. The best mouthguards are custom made by your dentist as they tend to be more comfortable to wear and won’t fall out.

Grinding Your Teeth Or Not Wearing Your Night Guard

The constant pressure on your teeth from grinding can cause them to crack or chip.  Wearing a nightguard protects your teeth from damage caused by grinding at night.

Eating Hard Foods Cause Chipped Teeth

The main culprits for chipping teeth are hard foods such as ice, nuts, candy, and corn kernels.  There’s no need to finish all the corn kernels in a bag of popcorn!  When eating meat, be careful not to accidentally bite down on any bones.

Lip or Tongue Piercings

These can accidentally be bitten on and cause chipped teeth.  Having the habit of rubbing a piercing against the gums or teeth is detrimental to the health of your mouth.

Crooked Teeth Can Lead To Broken Teeth

If your teeth aren’t straight it can be very easy to put uneven pressure on them when you bite down, which can easily lead to chipped teeth over time. The best way to fix crooked teeth is with braces.

Getting Older

As with other parts of your body, your teeth tend to deteriorate over time.  Craze lines, which only affect the outside of the tooth, can weaken the tooth and cause it to chip.

Not Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Decay, or cavities, can develop in teeth which can weaken the tooth and cause it to chip.  Regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist can minimize your chance of developing decay.

Using Your Teeth To Open Things

Your teeth were designed for biting and chewing food.  If you’re using them to tear open a packet or open a bottle of beer, it can damage your teeth.