What Age Do Baby Teeth Come Through? – Infographic

An infographic showing the age in which the baby’s teeth come through. With this chart, you will know when to expect your child’s teeth to appear in their mouth.

What Age Do Baby Teeth Come Through

On the upper teeth, the central incisor starts appearing within 6-12 months while the lateral incisor is 9-13 months. The cuspid grows in between 12 – 13 months. The first molar starts growing at 13 – 19 months and the second molar grows later in 25 – 33 months.

For the lower teeth, teeth grow at a different rate compared to the upper teeth. Central incisor appears 6-10 months and lateral incisor grows at 10 – 16 months. Cuspid grows in 12 – 23 months. The first molar grows in 14 – 18 months and followed by the growth of the baby’s second molar within 23 – 31 months.